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My site is in development and is absent for common access, can I enable the payment now?
Sure! Please, fill in the online survey and apply the statutory documents. Our security service will check your site, if you give login data. After successful checking and after signing the contract, you can open the site right along with payment acceptance through RBK.money system.
I’ve just opened a legal entity Can I start working with RBK.money?
Yes. But we have no limits on the terms of existence of the legal entity.
What do I need to do to start accepting payments through RBK.money?
First of all sign up, download the required statutory documents and sign the contract (you may do it online using the electronic signature). Select a convenient method of integration and set up your account (refunds schedule, notifications etc.). After checking your website and documents, you can start accepting payments.
Is there any limits and conditions for starting to work with RBK.money?
RBK.money works in accordance with the legislation of the country where the company operates as well as in compliance with the international payment systems requirements. No company, whose activity does not meet those standards, can be partner of RBK.money. Types of activity, RBK.money doesn’t serve for:
  1. UCE (Unsolicited Commercial E-mail) – distribution of letters containing promotional offers and sent to a large number of addresses at once (spam).
  2. Distribution of any kind of products promoting violence, inciting ethnic hatred, terrorism.
  3. Children pornography promotion.
  4. Sale and distribution of unlicensed music and video recordings (without fair or ROMs license).
  5. Sale and distribution of unlicensed or illegally acquired software.
  6. Financial "pyramids", network marketing and any other activity of this kind.
  7. Adult Entertainment.
  8. Charity, contributions, donations without appropriate licenses and without full description on the website, information about sponsors and establishment of the foundation.
  9. Sale of drugs.
  10. Goods/services, contradicting to current legislature of the Russian Federation.
  11. Sales of copyright infringement goods.
  12. Marriage services, sex shops, female and male escort.
  13. Selling fakes, copies, sales without certificate.
  14. Medications, Dietary supplements if selling outside of Russia.
  15. Illegal gambling business (casino, bookmakers etc.)
  16. Telemarketing;
  17. Sale of alcohol and tobacco.
I’m not a resident of the Russian Federation, may I enable the payment service on the website?
Yes, we work with non-residents of Russia. We can offer you the most favorable conditions depending on your location, as we have partners throughout the world. Send application, our employees will connect you.
I don't have a technician, how can I integrate?
We have a wide range of payment plugins for different CMS. Here is the full list. If there’s no module of your CMS in the list, write us here, we will try to develop it quickly.
Work witn the Service
What cards and currencies may I accept?
We accept cards of the leading payment systems VISA, MasterCard, Visa Electron, MIR, JCB, American Express, Diners Club. In this way you can accept for payment the cards, issued by any bank of any country. Money can be written off in Rubles, Euros and US Dollars.
Does your service meet the requirements of 54th Federal Law?
Yes, giving an additional feature – check content - your platform appeals to partners (online checkout providers) and performs fiscal registration of payment. To comply with the law, you must have an agreement with the CRF and the cash desk provider. If you do not have online checkout, we will help you with the activation, sharing instructions and contacts of our partners, you to be able to activate online checkout for a day.
I have my checkout, complying with requirements of the 54th Federal Law. May I just accept bank cards for payment?
Yes, you can take a service for fiscalization on your own, we will accept payments and send to your system only the information about payments.
What payment methods do you have?
Payment by banking cards, cash payment, QIWI wallet.
Can I accept payments in social networks (VK/Instagram/Facebook)?
Our system provides the ability to generate payment links that you can send by email to a client. You can also send a link to pay using instant messengers and messages in social networks.
How can I make a refund to my client?
All refunds (full and partial) can be done in personal account, depending on the method of integration with RBK.money.
What to do if I received a request to protest a payment?
Upon receipt of the claim it is required to confirm that the service/goods delivery really took place. In case of real delivery it is enough to have a scan of the receipt. Required if a service was provided:
  • Terms of use / offer containing the definition of the service, and when it is considered as provided;
  • confirmation that the user was informed of the rules (for example, screenshots, showing that it’s impossible to sign up if the check mark is not set);
  • Screenshots of the personal account, allowing to check transaction to the user, access to the paid resources, and operations in his account.
More accurate requirements for documents depend on specifics of your business.
How to add a new method of payment to your payment form?
By default, all kinds of payment methods will be available on your payment form, except for those that require a separate contractual relationship with the provider, such as Qiwi-wallet for example. You may always manage the availability of different payment methods using payment form configurations. Read more: https://developer.rbk.money/docs/payments/checkout/
How do I set up recurring payments? For which payment methods they’re available?
You can find the instruction for activation of regular payments in our documentations — https://developer.rbk.money. Such payments can be activated for bank cards only.
What notifications will I receive from RBK.money?
The platform allows to set up the notifications on different events, related to the operations in your store by HTTP requests on URL – Webhook. Detailed Specification for Webhooks — https://rbkmoney.github.io/webhooks-events-api/
What integration methods are available?
We support different integration types, from ready modules for CMS and serverless integrations to full integration of your site with the platform and deep customization of the payment form. We will be glad answering your questions via [email protected] [email protected]
How safe is the payment service RBK.money?
All settlement operations on the RBK.money platform are conducted with SSL encryption (key length 128 bits - the maximum allowable kind according to the Russian legislation). Sustainable connection is conducted on the system level. System database has no direct access to the Internet, the services are secured physically and is under video surveillance. We are annually audited for compliance with the PCI DSS (the standard, developed by international payment systems for payment conduction by bank cards) Detailed description of anti-fraud and safety technologies is in Security.
How safe is it entering bank card details in the payment forms of RBK.money? Is this information available to anyone except me and the processing center?
RBK.money payment service complies with the PCI DSS data security standard, which means that the bank card data is securely protected. The PCI DSS standard is designed to ensure the security of processing, storage and transmission of the data of payment card holders in the information systems of companies, operating with the international payment systems such as Visa, MasterCard and the others. Transmission of your bank card details is conducted by protected connection using modern protocol SSL 3.0. Data transmitted via SSL 3.0 are automatically encrypted so that only receiver can decrypt it. Thus, even if an attacker intercepts the transmitted data, he will be still unable to use it. Moreover, the use of SSL 3.0 protocol allows you to be sure, that you are on a page of a real payment system site, not on a fraud site, imitating a payment system for getting your card details.
How can I be sure, that you will not share my personal information?
All personal data is collected and stored in compliance with requirements of the Federal Law № 152-FL “On personal data” of 27.07.2006. No personal data will be shared.
How can I protect my site from fraud?
RBK.money has modern multistage system of fraud-monitoring, based on 18 years long payments analysis. Thus, fraud transaction will be blocked, but safe transactions will be conducted.
I forgot my password. What should I do?
You can recover your password at any time. Click the button “Forgot password?” below the input fields. Enter your login or e-mail addres. You'll receive an email within a few minutes. This email has a link to reset your password. Follow it to open the password recovery page.
I need to change my password. What should I do for that?
Please, login your personal account on the system site and open the page of Settings. Then press the button "Change password". Write the current password and repeat twice the new password and press the button "Change".
How much does it cost to register?
The registration on the RBK.money platform is absolutely free as well as the usage of the system.
What is the fee charge for RBK.money operations?
The amount of transaction fee depends on the characteristics of your business (meaning which kind of your goods/services you sell), payment types you intend to accept and the turnover of your online business. The fee plans are defined by signing tariff agreement. RBK.money tariffs are changing and flexible: he higher is turnover the lower is fee.
What currency units are used for transactions on the RBK.money platform?
The currency unit of RBK.money is Russian Ruble.
Is there any fee for payments through RBK.money?
No fee.
What if I want accept money in Dollars/Euros being a Russian resident?
RBK.money writes off money from the payers’ card in Dollars/Euros, but you can get refunds in Rubles in an amount equal to the bank rate.
How can I withdraw money?
You don’t need withdraw your money. Refunds will be made to your bank account. The refund schedule and conditions are set up individually.
What is the payment period?
The payment information comes promptly. Transfer of funds to the account of the online business is on a customizable schedule. It can be changed daily or in any convenient day for you.
How will I receive closing documents?
The payment information comes promptly. Transfer of funds to the account of the online business is on a customizable schedule. It can be changed daily or in any convenient day for you.
E-wallet RBK.money
I want to sign up RBK.money e-wallet, but I don’t know where to begin.
Registration of new wallets is unavailable since October 2017. We will announce the launch of a new version of wallets soon.
How to withdraw the balance from the identified RBKmoney wallet?
Write a withdrawal request and send it to  [email protected]
I can’t login my wallet.
We stopped supporting RBKmoney wallets on August 31, 2018.
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