Working with us is Reliable and Safe

We offer safe and reliable technologies for acceptance of all payment types, designed on beneficial terms for certain conditions of different business sectors worldwide.

We use advance protection on all the levels of IT-infrastructure

Wallarm web-applications protection platform.
Constant analysis of servers’ protection.
System of attack detection and prevention.
Bugbounty Program.
System of analysis of all events in real time.
Components of data protection on data carriers.
Automated anti-fraud system, preventing fraudulent transactions.
We meet international standards and regulator’s requirements
  • RBK.money systems comply with the PCI DSS v.3.0 Level 1 safety standard and requirements of the provision of the Russian Central Bank № 382-P of 09.06.2012.
  • Personal data protection is implemented in accordance with the Federal law № 152-FL “On personal data” of 27.07.2006.
  • Development and testing of the service is implemented in accordance with commonly recognized methods and the OWASP standards.
  • RBK.money is a certified partner of Visa and MasterCard.
We ensure user data protection and payments safety
  • The data between the user and the site is transmitted via a secure TLS Protocol using streaming encryption.
  • The password is stored encrypted that does not allow its recovery.
  • Users of public Wi-Fi networks are protected by HTTP Strict Transport Security.
  • 3D Secure support for payments with cards enables an additional security barrier
BugBounty Program
RBK.money offers rewards for reports about security vulnerabilities found on its services and infrastructure.  That is an additional level for improving the security of our services. Click here to open BugBounty page.
We help settling chargebacks
Chargebacks is one of the hardest things, appearing in payment acceptance. Our security service helps to organize a correct claim work with acquier bank to minimize the customer’s financial and temporary loses.

Protection against fraudulent payments

Antifraud solution of RBK.money is based on the analysis of data, collected for 17 years of serving 30 000 of our customers. Our company is annually tested for compliance with PCI DSS.
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Escrow payments

Escrow payments between individuals: Payment acceptance from one person and transfer to another while having the agreement terms met. That payment method protects both sides from fraud while shopping and selling online.

Do business with confidence. Protect your money and money of your customers.

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