Samsung Pay - Fast and Carefree Online Shopping

SAFE. Personal data is not used during the payment, all operations are confirmed by fingerprint or PIN code. EASY. Payment by account in Samsung Account. ALL CARDS AT HAND. The ability to download and use of all bank and discount (membership) cards.
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Online store image
Online store
The buyer collects the order and chooses to pay via Samsung Pay.
Verification image
Enters Samsung Account and sends the confirmation on his own device.
Choosing a card image
Choose a card
Selects the bank card on the application of the device and presses to «Pay».
Payment image
Confirms the payment by fingerprint or PIN code

Accept Samsung Pay with RBK.money

Quick integration
You need only integration with RBK.money to activate Samsung Pay. The service is available to our customers by default.
Worldwide payments
We operate with both residents and non-residents, transact multicurrency and cross-border payments.
Unified integration
All popular payment methods in one integration
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What devices support Samsung Pay

Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (только NFC)
Samsung Galaxy A8+
Samsung Galaxy A7 2016
Samsung Gear S3 classic
Samsung Galaxy S9+
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy Note8
Samsung Galaxy A7 2017
Samsung Galaxy A5 2016
Samsung Gear Sport
Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+
Samsung Galaxy Note5
Samsung Galaxy A5 2017
Samsung Galaxy J7 2017
Samsung Galaxy S8+
Samsung Galaxy S6 (only NFC)
Samsung Galaxy A8
Samsung Galaxy A3 2017
Samsung Galaxy J5 2017