Ready-made Solutions for Payment Acceptance

Our solutions meet requirements of any Internet business. Your customers will enjoy paying you.
Money is written off on the 17th of each month. We will send instructions, how to turn off the installments on email. MOUTHLY PAYMENT 9 900,00 ₽ Snowboard BURTON CHICKLET YOUR ORDER Payment during 23:56 Order №25137 Select a Payment Method OTHER PAYMENT METHODS BANK CARD CASH Payment through the terminal or ATM
Payment acceptance by cards of all popular payment systems Visa and MasterCard (including Visa Electron and MasterCard Maestro), «MIR», China UnionPay, American Express on your web-site or application.
Smart antifraud-system helps to protect the resource from fraudulent transactions, and ensure secure payments. RBK.money fraud monitoring system is based on unique algorithms of verification and comparison of payment parameters, based on 17 years of experience with 30 thousand customers. We select specific system settings for each business model.
Card binding
It simplifies and speeds up the process of buying for regular customers. By binding a card, the buyer can pay with one click, no need to enter data. All card details are hidden and protected.
Escrow payments
Escrow payments between individuals: Payment acceptance from one person and transfer to another while having the agreement terms met. That payment method protects both sides from fraud while shopping and selling online.
Repeated (regular, recurrent or recurring) payments are automatic money write-off from the card due to the specified parameters. After each write-off, a receipt for payment is sent to the buyer's e-mail.
Mass payments
A convenient tool for those who need to transfer fees or issue loans to cards. All payments are made instantly.
Trade acquiring
Payment acceptance by cards via Shtrih M POS-terminals. Favorable offer for small and medium-sized businesses including modern equipment, fiscal drive and acquiring (card present).
Accounts top up (AFT)
Special offer for MFIs and IFC for a quick and convenient way to pay off loans right on the website.
Split Payments
A useful feature for marketplaces when you need to transfer funds to several suppliers at once. Fund transfer is carried out due to the details in the personal account.
Sectoral solutions
We offer safe and reliable technologies for acceptance of all payment types, designed on beneficial terms for certain conditions of different business sectors worldwide.
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Online stores can set up holding of money on the customer’s card before the confirmation of product availability.

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The use of payment technology with linked cards in mobile applications without 3D-Secure reduces the time of payment for passengers.

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Tourist agencies get convenient automated calculations with tour operators, which reduces their transaction costs

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Utility Services

The most pleasant is reduced rates when paying for utility services, power and natural gas. You can set up auto-payments or sending invoices.

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MFO & banks

We run support channel of payment acceptance AFT (Card2Account) for quick repayment of credits and loans with low commission rate.

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MFO & banks

Quick repayment of credits and loans with low fees supported by the channel of payment acceptance AFT (Card2Account).

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Instant payment split for different recipients in an order payment from multiple vendors.

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Computer games developers have access to the payment tools popular among gamers such as mobile commerce, electronic money and wallets.

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Subscription services

Acceptance of recurring payments on a specified schedule helps to avoid payment delays, customers use the services with no breaks.

Enable payment acceptance on your terms
We know how customers pay in different spheres of e-commerce, that’s why you get only proven and truly demand solutions.
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Enable payment acceptance on your terms
We know how customers pay in different spheres of e-commerce, that’s why you get only proven and truly demand solutions.
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