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Terms of service

RBK.money allows the companies to enable different payment acceptance tools: bank cards, e-money and e-wallets, transfers, online-banking, payment terminals and others. The system is resistant to loads, it has a flexible microservice architecture and scales easily to handle any number of transactions.

We work in accordance with Russian legislation, international payment systems rules and requirements of the PSD2 directive.

RBK.money Merchant Terms and Conditions

Integration types

Simple integration for any activation type.

CMS moduls
Direct integration
Payment link
CMS moduls
Direct integration
Payment link

RBK.money has all popular CMS modules and builders, and this list is updated:

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It’s easy to integrate with RBK.money

choosing a ready payment form (checkout) with 95% conversion
integrating your own payment form
or choosing API for individual solutions
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If you don’t have a website, you still can generate direct payment links for your customers.

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Read detailed description of each integration type in the  Integration guide.

Documents for activation

The activation documents are uploaded  directly to our dashboard.

For nonresidents
  1. Certificate of Incorporation.
  2. Declaration of Trust.
  3. Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  4. Document that declares Directors.
  5. Document that declares Shareholders.
  6. Power of Attorney (if any).
  7. IDs of all directors and general signatories as well as shareholders and beneficiaries who hold more than 25% of the shares.
  8. Confirmations of residential addresses of all directors and general signatories as well as shareholders and beneficiaries who hold more than 25% of the shares (not older than 3 months).
  9. Confirmation of bank account where we can see bank details (IBAN, SWIFT, BIC) mentioned in RBK Money Merchant Service Agreement (not older than 3 months).

Site requirements

We are happy to help with payment acceptance if

your site contains latest data on: legal entity name and its bank details, contacts (phone, e-mail).
the order system is fully operational at the time of activation of RBK.money.
lack of invalid links, as well as links to missing, incorrect or damaged / uncompleted pages.
there is a description of the goods/services, prices, payment terms, order and terms of delivery / service, return policy. (The specified information can be displayed in the format of Offer/User agreement)
your site does not contain similar content with a slight change in the URL.
there are no links to the site with closed access, or the content of the site for the most part is a resource with limited access;.
there are no links to sites that do not carry a common integrity. For example, the content of an Internet resource is actually located on multiple URLs.
your activity complies with international payment systems rules, Russian legislature or law system of the countries you operate in.

Licenses and Certificates

The RBK.money brand unites companies , providing service of payment acceptance for online business and individuals. Direct Payments Limited (licensed by FCA UK) allows us to work openly with customers all over the world.

For developers

Read the full documentation of  our open API.

We answer the questions and take in suggetions on 
a public repository on  Github.

Full developer documentation