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Holiday Inn logo
Holiday Inn is the biggest hotel network worldwide. Every traveler can easily find among the IHG brand hotels what he is looking for.
Sodis logo
SODIS is a travel agency, engaged in private tourism, business service, international air transport and VIP class travel.
Tour-box logo
Tour business management system, Tour-Box.ru is engaged in automated activity of tourist agencies as well as in developments of booking centers process optimization.
Travel business service logo
Travel business service is a tours booking office for travel agencies providing increased fees from the leading travel agencies of Russia.
Tui logo
One of the top Russian travel companies, consisting of tourist operator and travel agency network.
Hot tours logo
Joint network TBG and “Hot Tours” is one of the biggest in Russia, taking leadership on travel service market, working in 245 cities in Russia and CIS.
Magput logo
"Travel Store" tour operator has been working since 1997, there’s more than 3500 tours in Russia, near and far abroad in the travel plan of the company.
Solncetur logo
Unusual travel agency with the special offers for their clients!
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AMF logo
AMF is an international network of flowers, providing virtually worldwide flower delivery. Your chosen bouquet can reach anywhere in the world.
S-shina logo
S-SHINA.RU is an online store of wholesale and retail sales of tires and wheels from Russian and foreign producers.
1c interest logo
Online store with over 20 000 games, software, movies, music and gifts.
Sony logo
Online store of Japanese manufacturer of home and professional electronics, game consoles, smartphones and other high-tech products.
Duhi.rf logo
Online store of perfume and cosmetics with delivery throughout Russia.
Emex logo
A big online store of car parts from official dealers and producers with worldwide delivery.
Kotofoto logo
Online hypermarket with a wide range of goods at low prices, guarantee for all products and delivery delivery.
Marytrufel logo
Salon of wedding and evening fashion with exclusive services.
Hypermarketmebel logo
Online furniture store with a wide range, convenient selection of furniture and delivery throughout Russia.
Traektoria logo
Trajectory is an online-store of clothes, shoes and equipment for snowboarding, surfing, wakeboard, skate and longboard.
Zvet logo
Online-store of cushioned furniture in Moscow. “Tsvet Divanov” produces cushioned furniture for any house: stylish.
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Japex logo
Japex.ru helps to purchase items on Yahoo auctions and Japanese online stores. Delivery comes from Japan to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries.
Livemaster logo
Hypermarket of design things and author’s works. Wide range of clothing, jewelry, dolls and handmade toys.
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Redcross logo
The Russian mission of the humanitarian organization, which operates all over the world, based on the principle of neutrality and impartiality.
Rusfond logo
The Russian foundation for help is one of the biggest Russian charity foundations. It was established in 1996.
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Seven sky logo
Seven Sky® provides the whole range of telecommunication services for individuals and legal entities.
Raduga internet logo
“Raduga Internet” operator provides it’s customers access to satellite and mobile Internet.
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Real stories of our customers

Clients of RBK.money are different companies from multiple countries. We provide personal and sectoral payment solutions, helping our customers to grow and develop.

Anex logo
"Internet acquiring from RBK.money is exactly what our small business needs"
ANEX tour
Zemfira Sadikova
"Thank you very much guys! Everything is clear and simple"
Travel Workshop
SMS-center logo
"Reliable and effective cooperation links our companies"
Vladimir Rovnyago
"Our colleagues created a very convenient solution for us – a payment form that makes it possible to pay the trips in parts and in several stages."
Booking network center Hot tours and TBG logo
"The integration process was also good: the guys have an open API and clear documentation."
Booking network center
Hot tours and TBG
«RBK.money has one of the most serious and modern
technological platforms on the market.
The integration process was also good:
the guys have an open API and clear documentation.»
“Booking network center Hot tours and TBG”, chief Lobanov
«Reliable and effective cooperation links our companies. Both our company and our clients are satisfied with the level of technical service we received from you. SMS-Centre LLC express their gratitude to RBK.money service for exceptional professionalism, responsiveness, honesty and loyalty.»
«RBK.money has one of the most serious and modern technological platforms on the market. Plus a very friendly team. We were pleasantly surprised by how quickly colleagues plunged into the task and prepared a proposal taking into account all our requirements. The integration process was also good: the guys have an open API and clear documentation. IT support works perfectly.»
«Thank you very much guys! We added internet acquiring to our Zefir Travel Workshop for only 2 weeks. Now the customers from entire Russia can book and pay the tour. Everything is clear and simple. Our manager is a nice person and she understands us easily.»
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