Working for RBK.money is Interesting and Perspective

A cool team of professionals, passionate about their work
Deep immersion in advanced technology
Transparent purposes and continuous professional growth
Modern and comfortable office
in the city center
Attractive income and legal hiring
Convenient schedule since 10:00
(even since 11:00 for IT!)

Team and vacancies

Our team is professionals in love with their business. Every employee is important and valuable for us, as a serious success of the company is impossible without a cohesive team, in which everyone is involved in the process and feels his contribution to the common cause.
Sergey Elin

Team lead Erlang developments

Sergey Elin
Now my team consists of 4 Erlang developers who are responsible for the technical processing of payments and related processes, ensure that the services work as accessible as possible, reliably, correctly and simply, give gloss and care about the efficiency of the public REST API of our entire system.
Vacancies given by Sergey:
Ildar Galeev

Team lead Frontend development

Ildar Galeev

From a technical point of view of RBK.money, Frontend is a system constantly developed by us, consisted of a flock of microservices. We develop solutions for mass use in the Internet (desktop, mobile, multi-browser).

We use TypeScript, Angular, React + Redux, We pay special attention to the quality of the code, usage of modern frontend stack and text writing. We have no “legacy” code.

Slim REST API, ability to use modern technology stack. Strong backend team guaranteed!

Ildar’s vacancies:
Pavel Popov

Team lead Java developments

Pavel Popov

We have enough microservices on the Spring Boot, but their number will keep growing. We try new technologies, and if they’re good, we circulate them. We don’t shy being grateful for service and leaving outdated of them behind. We don’t forget testing, technical debt and documentation. Almost.

Paul’s vacancies:

Internship program

We invite graduate and post-graduate students to take an internship in our Moscow office..

How it is organized:

  • part-time work to combine study with job;
  • flexible schedule taking into account the wishes of the intern, so as not to miss classes;
  • The program is open all year round;
  • easy start: choose the right job and email us to: [email protected]

Our wishes:

Good performance will increase
your chances of getting to us :)

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