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How it works

Wider Opportunities with RBK.money

Payments in 60 countries
Receive payments and work with customers in Russia and other countries without limits.
One сontract for all MOPs
Sign one contract for integration of all our products, acquiring, mass payouts, recurring and other functionality which help you to grow your business up.
Onboarding in 48 hours
Sign up easily and upload the documents, we’ll check your site and confirm activation to start payment acceptance.
User-friendly checkout
Your customers can easily pay for shopping on the  site or app. Instant data verification and the ability to change the payment method make successful 97% payments.
Flexible settlement scheme
Manage funds received from customers in our dashboard. Set up settlements to your current account on a convenient schedule or make a netting for mass payouts easily.
Protection against fraudulent payments
Antifraud solution of RBK.money is based on the analysis of data, collected for 17 years of serving 30 000 merchants. Our company is annually tested for compliance with PCI DSS v. 3.2.


We offer safe and reliable technologies for accepting all types
of payments in different  business areas. Our solutions are designed
to meet the characteristics and requirements of each industry.

Find out solutions
Online stores can set up retention payments (holding payments) which is useful when the confirmation  of the availability of products in its warehouse is needed.
Travel agencies get convenient automated settlements with tour operators which reduces transaction costs.
The use of recurring payment technology in mobile applications reduces the time
of payment for passengers.
Subscription  services
Accepting recurring payments on a specified schedule helps to avoid payment delays, customers use the services with no breaks.
Payment tools popular among gamers are available for computer games developers: mobile commerce, electronic money and wallets.
The most interesting is reduced fees if paying for utility services, power and natural gas. You can set up auto-payments or sending invoices.
MFO &  banks
Quick repayment of credits and loans  with low commission fee supported by the channel of payment acceptance AFT (Card2Account).
Instant payment split for different recipients in an order payment from multiple vendors.
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Rates with no Hidden Fee

Rate for companies with  turnover
more $ 30,000 per month

Payment methods
Banking cards
from 2%
E-wallets and e-money
from 2.1%
Cash in payments
from 1.2%
Direct debit payments
from 2%
Mass payouts
from 1.5%
Determine your rate

Flexible Tariffs

RBK.money rate plans are adopted to the client's turnover: fee decreases with the growth of volumes.

Personal Approach

No matter whether a large online business or
a start-up entrepreneur we chose the most favorable rate and ensure high quality service
for all clients.

More about pricing

Our internet acquiring is more profitable than in a bank

Due to the high percentage of successful payments, fraud-monitoring of transactions and the regulation of 3D-secure.

Compare the profitability
of RBK.money and banks

Your monthly turnover
2 000 000 ₽
Your revenue with RBK.money
1 877 920
Rate — 3,2%
Conversion — 97%
Your revenue with a bank
1 377 880
Rate — 1,8%
Conversion — 70%
The given fees are approximate and for guidance only.

successful payments

Payments are successful because payment page doesn’t freeze and the RBK.money payment forms prevent the sending of erroneous data.

What our clients talk about

We work with more than 30,000 companies in Russia and abroad. We are  constantly developing new solutions to make the service even more convenient and advanced.

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Anex tour logo
"Internet acquiring from RBK.money is exactly what our small business needs"
ANEX tour
Zemfira Sadikova
"Thank you very much guys! Everything is clear and simple"
Travel Workshop
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"Reliable and effective cooperation links our companies"
Vladimir Rovnyago
"Our colleagues created a very convenient solution for us – a payment form that makes it possible to pay the trips in parts and in several stages."
Booking network center Hot tours and TBG logo
"The integration process was also good: the guys have an open API and clear documentation."
Booking network center
Hot tours and TBG


  • Detailed documentation с with examples
    to integrate yourself.
  • A variety of activation options: from ready-made modules
    for popular CMS systems and payment links to API.
  • Quick customization payform right on the server.
  • Cool Open API, specially for developers.
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